I'm a photographer + graphic designer, located in Portland, Oregon. I am the middle daughter of three girls all raised by our single mother. I grew up, the only bi-racial member in my family.

I started out in a dark room developing my film and photos at 15 years old. Photography is one of the many arts that I love and pursue. The more interactively creative I get to be, the better!

In my early years of photography, I would dye my paper with toners and household supplies... cut, paste and express my artistic passions in the lab. It was the lack of space for a darkroom that pushed me over the edge into the digital realm.  

I guess the thing I love the most about working digitally and with Photoshop is the massive amounts of content I can have without taking up much space at all. Though whenever I can, I still develop in a darkroom.  

Creating conceptual ideas, while oscillating between fact and fantasy is what I do. I know what I'm looking for when I create art. It comes down to feelings. There is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when I'm done with the project. When I'm working, I feel calm as well as energized. Creating art is one of the few things I need to be happy. 

Anyhow, I feel inclined to push myself, so sharing my work is part of that. Not being afraid to be received, has to be part of the journey. I think all artists know what I'm saying. It seems to go hand-in-hand. Sharing expression, feelings, moods and then, how they came to be. Yet the artist feels most at home in a quiet cave, filling that space with magic that seems to come from beyond, and then living in it.